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The predecessor of our company began life two generations ago as a single shop. We got our current start as "Taroda Co., Ltd." when the company was founded in 1983. Counting our days as a single shop, we have been around for 80 years, and we have supported the fashion and textile industries in the nation's leading production area for plain-weave elastic straps, the Kahoku region (Uchinada Town and Kahoku City).
In a word, our strength at Taroda lies in our "adaptability of service." From inventory that lets us swiftly meet our customers' needs, to varied small-lot production capabilities, to a wide variety of coloring options made available by our skilled dyers, it is our flexibility as a company that allows us to offer the services we do. For example, even though we are a merchant, we run our own factory facilities as well, enabling us to deliver fiber twisting that meets a customer's particular requirements or to rewind product into smaller lots for easier use. We look forward to continuing to add value to the industry as a fiber merchant and contribute to greater business opportunities for our customers.

Company Profile

Company name Taroda Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1934
Established in October 14, 1983
President and CEO Yuji Tarouda
Fiscal year September 1 to August 31
Business Activities Fiber and processed thread sales, fiber-related product sales
Head Office He 1-9, Muro, Uchinada-machi, Kahoku-gun,
Ishikawa, 920-0261, Japan
Tel: + 81(0)76-2865-8303
Fax: +81(0)76-286-2375
Email : ( available for English )

About "JTC" Cataloge

over 500 items

"JTC" is an original Taroda product with more than 500 types of dyed ester processed thread. Original threads are described in terms of "vividness," "standard of material used," "ease of use" and "eco-friendliness," and are made available in a series format. We also accept orders from our catalog booklet (sample book). Please feel free to use it for ordering.

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I Series. Easy-to-use normal interlaced processed thread. 167/1, 75 colors total.


JTC Standard. J Series. Regular processed thread. 167/1 is non-interlaced; 167/2 is interlaced; 105 colors total.


B Series. Bright processed thread featuring vivid colors. 167/1, twisted, 75 bright colors total.


E Series. Processed thread made with 100% recycled PET. 167/1 and 167/2, 15 colors total.


JTC Fine Bright. F Series. Bright processed thread that, unlike the B Series, features textured colors. 84/1 and 167/1, softened, 20 colors total.


JTC Micro-Stream. M Series. High-count processed thread that soften the rubbing feeling of esters. 84/2, 60 colors total.


Thin ester processed thread with a small amount of stretch. 33/2, 17 colors total (please see the M Series for a color guide).


NB Series. Processed thread with a soft texture perfect for knitting. 167/1, 135 colors. 84/1, 20 colors.


T Series. Easy-to-use regular processed thread. 167/1, twisted, 45 colors. 84/1, twisted, 24 colors.